Personal training

What is the most important thing in personal training? A professional and attentive mentor. We pay great attention to the selection and development of a team of coaches. Personal training in MyFitlab is: Personal approach The training program will be built taking into account your characteristics: from medical contraindications to personal goals and preferences. It is important to us that you get not only an effect from classes, but also a good mood and enjoy the process. Before starting classes, the trainer will conduct a fitness test, which consists of several stages and will give him a complete picture of the features of your body. This will allow you to correctly set the goals of classes, choose the level of load and diet, exclude exercises that can harm, eliminate the risk of injury and work out problem areas. Result and efficiency As a rule, classes under the supervision of a personal trainer allow you to reach your intended goal faster than independent training. The point here is both professionally selected training programs and motivation. Coaches are attentive and interested in ensuring that you achieve your goals. MyFitlab instructors are your friends, mentors and assistants in the world of sports, always stay in touch with you. Two for the price of one If you want, you can train together, with your boyfriend or girlfriend, while paying for one lesson. This way your workouts will become both more profitable and more fun. Professionalism of the coaches Before starting work in MyFitlab clubs, all trainers must undergo training, the program of which is compiled according to corporate standards. For the continuous development of the team of trainers, we have organized our own MyFitlab Educational Center with a state license. You will get effective and varied workouts according to the latest techniques and trends of modern fitness. All trainers have deep knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and possess different methods of training. Safety of training and work with contraindications Trainers are trained to work with various contraindications: hernias, scoliosis, abnormalities in the cardiovascular system. Each club has coaches who specialize in recovery training. Opportunity to try Do you want to start training with a personal trainer, but there are some doubts or are you always putting it off "for later"? For such a case, we have come up with a special package "Personal training Test drive" - it includes three personal classes at a special price, and you can buy it only within a month from the date of purchase of the subscription. During these three workouts, you will be able to fully appreciate the benefits of training with a personal trainer, and the time limit will not allow you to postpone your classes for a long time. Ask in the sales department of your fitness club. It's time to start training. Go ahead!

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